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The Consulenza Integrata experience in Implementation of Integrated Management Systems, leads to state that any project concerning the Lean Production in an organization, it should at least from a well started and implemented the Quality Management System. The system must be started with a good analysis of the context and Risk Management, then measured across multiple performance indicators such as: the number of non-compliance, the gap in production, on-time delivery, etc.

Lean Production Lean Lean Manufacturing is the challenge for organizations in being more competitive and faster in response to the customer.
Lean Production, is framed as a strategy that involves the whole organization, starting from 'Analysis of context, with specific objectives to be achieved.

It is in fact possible to improve the quality of the product or service, reduce costs and increase productivity. Ultimately, it is a total system of elimination of MUDA wastage, suitable for all organizations, of any size.
Each set of related activities, measurable and recurring over time that transform an input into output, adding value to what is processed, it can be continuously improved.

Lean Production Lean Manufacturing must become the new strategy that involves the entire company in order to totally eliminate waste, get the best quality, adhere to 100% on-time delivery, and everything, at the best price.

With Consulenza Integrata and the Company Lean Production is achieved:
1. Reducing the Wastage (principle has always been the quality)
• eliminating the work steps with no added value
• By reducing the waiting times
• By optimizing logistics flows
• By increasing the material yield (reduction of waste)
• Reducing inventory
2. By increasing the speed of the processes
• Reducing new product development time
3. Improving the working conditions
• Keeping neat and clean the work area
• Hygiene, Environment and Safety
4. Qualitatively improving the workings
• By reviewing the working parameters of a line
• By implementing fail-safe systems
5. Training Course
• By training By involving and motivating all employees of 'organization.

and the standard support

Value management UNI EN 12973

We love be consultants in the forefront, beside business owners to realize, in their company, the strategies and objectives that we set together.

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