Fire Prevention Consulting CPI Certified Fire Prevention

Prevention and Fight Fire Rating - Authorization Fire resistance CPI

An emergency due to fire is often resulting in the occurrence of unexpected events, sometimes unpredictable and likely to result in potential condition or real danger one or more persons or one or more assets.
The purpose of the assessment is to define the hazards due to fire risk to prevent them and face them in order to avoid and / or reduce the damage to people and / or systems.

The statistics shows that the structural and plant safety measures will consistently reduce the risk of fire and the probability that the fire causes damage to people and property.

These measures fail, however, to entirely nullified the risk of fire, so you must keep an eye on the factors that most commonly create the probability that a fire starts, these probabilities depend on the everyday behavior and new regulations rely therefore, the holder of the production unit directly responsible for security management.

The purposes of the evaluation are therefore:

  • The predisposition and adoption of the necessary measures for the prevention of fire risk;
  • the Education and Training Team Fire and Evacuation;
  • the information of workers and other persons present;
  • the planning technical organizational measures;
  • the obligation to the people to whom it is distributed to examine it and to strictly follow the instructions given in this section (see: Measures to be implemented), and is in the sect. Emergency plan;
  • the identification of any need for fire AUTHORIZATION C.P.I. Certificate Fire Prevention.

Practice consulting SCIA fire prevention and Fire Prevention Certificate CPI

The activity consists in assessing suitability with local regulations regarding fire prevention, and in the presentation to the competent Fire Brigade Command of the documentation necessary to obtain Authorisation Firefighting, (SCIA Fire Fighting).


  • Site inspection of the site and document review with data collection and documentation
  • Report of the drafting of fire prevention technique
  • Drawings (floor plans will have to be provided by the client in autocad format
  • Presentation of the Project to Command
  • Relations with the VVF Command
  • Approval of Design and Delivery

We will proceed to the adequacy test for certifications and technical annexes relating to any certificates produced by installation companies and builders (the fire resistance certifications of structures, doors and partitioning materials, certification of correct installation of such materials, certification of conformity of equipment ).
It is specified that in the absence or in the case of non-completeness of the listed certifications, you can not proceed forwarding of SCIA (Phase II).


  • Asserted valuation Technical enabled
  • Forwarding the request from the S.C.I.A. the Command of V.V.F.
  • Relations with the VVF Command and assistance
  • Technical inspection presence V.V.F.

In accordance with the provisions of Presidential Decree 151 of 2011, the technical design documentation attached to SCIA, will adhere to the fire safety characteristics of the activity and will allow us to ensure that it meets the general criteria of fire prevention.
Following approval of the project, and the execution of any works planned by the project itself or prescribed by the Fire Brigade Command, we will proceed as making the site inspection request and the Start of Activity Declaration (replacement of the Fire Prevention Certificate CPI until the release of the same).

Having a Society of Consulting support is for the company the ability to achieve and maintain legal compliance and being joined in any type of inspection and monitoring by professionals able to respond efficiently and find the required documentation.

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