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This is the fourth issue of SA8000, a voluntary standard for auditable third-party verification, setting out the requirements to be met by organisations, including the establishment or improvement of workers' rights, workplace conditions and an effective management system.
Intent: The intent of SA8000 is to provide an auditable, voluntary standard, based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, ILO and other international human rights and labour norms and national labour laws, to empower and protect all personnel within an organisation's control and influence who provide products or services for that organisation, including personnel employed by the organisation itself and by its suppliers, sub-contractors, sub-suppliers and home workers. It is intended that an organisation shall comply with this Standard through an appropriate and effective Management System.
Social Fingerprint® breaks down the Management System Element into ten process-based categories:

With the following three tools, organizations can measure and improve their management system.
• Social Fingerprint® Self-Assessment: Completed by the organization applying for an SA8000 certification, the self-assessment provides a baseline score of the organization's management system maturity.
• Social Fingerprint® Independent Evaluation: Completed by an accredited certification body, the independent evaluation helps the organization identify strengths and weaknesses in its management system.
• Rating Chart: The Rating Chart explains the organization's maturity level in each of the ten categories listed above. The maturity levels are rated on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest level (see table below). The results help the organization identify areas for improvement.

Company and Consulenza Integrata is committed to the realization, adoption, exsecution and implementation of the System for Social Accountability SA8000

1) Creation and adoption of the Management System

- Compilation of the Self-Evaluation Document SA8000
- Appointment of Management representative: A member of senior management personnel appointed by the company to ensure compliance with the requirements of the standard.
- Appointment of Representative SA8000 worker: A worker chosen to facilitate communication with management on matters related to SA8000, appointed by / the union / s in the union headquarters and elsewhere, by a worker elected for that purpose by non-managerial staff.
documentation preparation applying the standard points:

1.Intent and Scope
2.Management System
1.Child Labour
2.Forced or Compulsory Labour
3.Health and Safety
4.Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining
6.Disciplinary Practices
7.Working Hours
9.Management System

2) Execution and Implementation

Support the application of the documents of the System SA8000, training of personnel in the field to improve the documentation system.

3) Certified training course

4) Internal Audit
During the 'internal audit compliance and effectiveness of the system SA8000, the activities will be:

-Presentation of the requirements and of the results;
-Opening of the corrective and preventive actions necessary based on the results of the Audit;
-Completion of Review Management;
-Adaptation, where necessary, of the system SA8000.

5) Support during the Audit Certification Body

Assistance, as an observer, in the course of the audit, Document and Surveillance, by the Certifying and clarifications based on the findings by the internal audit and Review Board.

Expected Result: Certification according to SA8000.

Alternatively: Consulenza Integrata Attestation that the Company has established and implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility according to the SA8000 standard.


Following completion of Certification:
Audit Review and Revision Document Management System

Possible Revision Document
Audit to check the status of  Management System
Review System

  • Assistance, as an observer, during of Supervisory Audit by the Notified Body.
  • Alternatively: Consulenza Integrata Attestation that the Company has established and implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility according to the SA8000 standard for the year in progress.

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