Traceability ISO 22005 Consulting

Traceability in the feed and food chain Consulting

ISO 22005 Traceability in the feed and food chain Consulting - General principles and basic requirements for system design and implementation.

The advantages of adopting more and Implement ISO 22005 are:

  • support the demand for quality and safety of agricultural and food sector;
  • meet the explicit demands of the consumer;
  • define the history and origin of the product;
  • facilitate any withdrawals or recalls of products sold;
  • identifying the responsibilities of each operator in the chain;
  • facilitate the monitoring of specific information concerning the food product;
  • convey specific information to the interested parties (stakeholders) and consumers;
  • comply with any obligations imposed by local, national or international;
  • increase the performance and productivity of the organization.
  • A traceability system is a useful tool to assist an organization operating within a feed and food chain to achieve defined objectives in a management system.

The choice of a traceability system is influenced by regulations, product characteristics and customer expectations.
The complexity of the traceability system can vary depending on the features of the product and the objectives to be achieved.
Consulenza Integrata and Organization define and Achieve Together:

  1. The objectives of the Supply Chain Traceability System according to ISO 22005
  2. Legislation and documents applicable to the traceability system
  3. The products and ingredients subject to traceability
  4. The position of each organization in the food chain, identification of suppliers and customers
  5. The material flows
  6. The information that must be managed
  7. Procedures and Operating Instructions
  8. The documentation system, Disciplinary Manual Production
  9. The supply chain management mode

in according to ISO 22005

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Principles and objectives of traceability
5 Design
6 Implementation
7 Internal audits
8 Review
a) traceability test results;
b) traceability audit findings;
c) changes to product or processes;
d) traceability-related information provided by other organizations in the feed and food chain;
e) corrective actions related to traceability;
f) customer feedback, including complaints, related to traceability;
g) new or amended regulations affecting traceability;
h) new statistical evaluation methods.

Transposition and Implementation
Supporting the application of the system documents, training in the field of personnel for the improvement of the documentation of system and process efficiency in view of achieving the same in terms of the Food Safety and Quality.

Training course
Internal audits
During internal audits of compliance and effectiveness of the system, activities will be:
- Submission of requirements and presentation of survey results;
- Review with Management

Assistance during Audit Certification Body
Assistance, as an observer, during of the audit, Document and Surveillance, by the Notified Body and its clarification on the basis of what emerged from the Internal Audit.
Expected Result: certification according to UNI EN ISO 22005.

Alternatively: Attestation of Consulenza Integrata that the Company has established, and implemented a Quality Management System Company Traceability in accordance with UNI EN ISO 22005.

Maintenance and Continuous Improvement

  • Adaptation of the Manual, the Forms and related procedures, preparing the Periodic Review. Assessment of compliance with the standard of the product and / or service. Analysis of the information collected on the performance of the Supply Chain Traceability System.
  • Internal audit
  • Assistance during audit of the Supervisory Entity's Certificate.

Alternatively: Attestation of Consulenza Integrata that the Company has established and implemented a Quality Management System Company Traceability in accordance with UNI EN ISO 22005 for the year in progress.

Having a Society of Consulting support is for the company the ability to achieve and maintain legal compliance and being joined in any type of inspection and monitoring by professionals able to respond efficiently and find the required documentation.

Consulenza Integrata stands for integration with Client Companies considered Partners

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