HACCP Consulting

Food Safety

Self-control plans HACCP-Audits-Bacteriological Analysis.

Annual consultancy for evaluation and adaptation to the hygiene standards of foodstuffs and self H.A.C.C.P. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, provided by the European Community Regulations EC 178 / 02-852 and 853/2004 and Resolutions Regional.
Company and Consulenza Integrata is committed to the Realization, Adoption, Execution and Implementation of Food Safety Management System.

1) Drafting of the Self-Control Plan
- Company Check-up;
- Assessment of environments, machinery and work equipment;
- Definition of the field of application;
- Training of Working Group H.A.C.C.P. with its job description;
- Business Description and design of the plant;
- Description of local / machinery / equipment features with its maintenance program;
- Description of the production cycle with relative flow chart;
- Identification of potential hazards associated with each step of the process, with the identification of CPP critical control points and the determination of critical limits to be respected in the CPP;
- Determination of the sanitization and disinfection procedures;
- Determination of the monitoring system (detection and control boards);
- Determination of corrective actions to be taken in the event of detection of non-compliance to regain control of the system;
- Determination of the System verification procedures;
- Determination of the document management system for delivery of Self-Control Plan to H.A.C.C.P. Team, determining the program of maintenance and updating of the aforementioned Self-Control Plan.

- Check the following documents:

x Occupancy permit with intended use;
x Outlet connection to the public sewer;
x Supply of drinking water;
x Safety data sheets of the substances used;
x Certificates of work fitness of staff;
x occurred periodic medical examination possible;
x establish production notification;
x waste disposal contract;
x Surveys microclimate;
x Register loading and unloading of waste products;
x Certificate of technical health practicability.

2) Intervention by Audit and Bacteriological Analysis.
2.1 Audit
The Management System for Food Safety - HACCP provides for the implementation, by the technician, the periodic audit procedures. The frequency will be determined by the competent technician, according to the activity carried out.
Following the verification will be drawn Verification Report, which will be highlighted:
- Results emerged and related requirements;
- Corrective actions;
- Adjustments to be implemented;
- Tips for a proper establishment of the Management System for Food Safety - HACCP.

2.2 Bacteriological Analysis
The type and number of samples to be carried out, will be determined by competent technician, according to the type of structure, activity and degree of correct application of H.A.C.C.P. system, during the course of the Audit.

3) Technical Intervention by.
It will also be carried out and for any further technical work required by the customer or for assistance in case of prescriptions by the Supervisory Bodies.

4) Training courses relating to system H.A.C.C.P.

Certified Training Courses and Regional Authorization.

Result Expected: Consulenza Integrata Attestation that the Company has established, executed, and implemented a Corporate Management System HACCP Food Safety.

Implementation and Maintenance

  • Possible Revision of Self-Control Plan
  • Audit
  • Bacteriological Analysis
  • Attestation of Consulenza Integrata that the Company has established, executed, and implemented a Corporate Management System HACCP Food Safety for the year in progress.

Having a Society of Consulting support is for the company the ability to achieve and maintain legal compliance and being joined in any type of inspection and monitoring by professionals able to respond efficiently and find the required documentation.

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