Integrated Management Systems Consulting 9001-14001-45001-231

Quality 9001- Environment 14001- Safety at Work 81 / ISO 45001- Administrative Responsibility 231/01

The company, to compete in the market, the need to achieve their goals through the implementation of activities planned with the best relationship between results achieved and resources used to obtain them.
The adoption of integrated management systems for Quality 9001, 14001 Environment, Safety 45001, Administrative Responsibility 231, allows to ensure the uniqueness of the business management, develop synergistic prevention, streamline operations, resources and reduce  the costs.
The State requires the Company to comply with various laws such as the Legislative Decree no. 81/08 on Health and Safety in the Workplace, while the market often requires Companies, the adoption of volunteer management systems.

The organization, usually, tends to individually address the various management systems of prescriptive or volunteers, with all the duplication of the case.

Falls within 'efficiency of' company treat in an organic complex the issues common to most standards.
The requirements of an integrated management system may include a combination of the following voluntary standards:

The success of an organization depends also from 'execution, implementation and updating of an integrated management system, not necessarily certified by a' third party ODC, designed to continually improve performance, taking into account both the needs of all stakeholders (employers, employees, customers, suppliers), that of voluntary and mandatory legislation.
Consulenza Integrata with Annual Audit attests that the organization has executed, adopted and implemented its Integrated Business Management System.

An IMS is realized, in the drafting of a single manual, the definition of a single organizational chart, and its job description, in the drawing up and implementation of common procedures, (managing non-conformities, corrective and preventive actions, audits etc.), Optimization of human resources and a review system that covers all aspects of the organization.
In conclusion, an integrated management system enables a "single view" of the Company System analyzed in all its aspects, as necessary or appropriate, they can be seen in detail.

We like to be consultants in the forefront, alongside entrepreneurs to realize, in their company, the strategies and objectives that we set together.

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